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Fulldome Film Society is the leading Fulldome content distributor for digital planetariums in Russian speaking countires. We operate on the territory of Russia/CIS including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Moldova. We develop partnershipwith studios and content production companies all over the globe from USA to Japan, and today almost all governmental and private digital planetariums in Russia are our clients.

Presently our activities comprise many spheres including

  • Creation and distribution of Fulldome content;
  • Development, marketing, installation and service of the projection equipment for digital planetariums and spherical theaters;
  • Engineering and design of the digital dome theaters and spherical theaters;
  • Modernization and upgrade of equipment in working planetariums;
  • Software development for digital video broadcast, 3-dimensional super high resolution graphical applications, and video data encryption.

Fulldome Film Society aims to develop and promote spherical, panoramic, and stereo 3D cinema art in Russia and abroad.

We are open for cooperation with all interested people and organizations and regularly take part in the international exhibitions and events, meetings of the planetarium industry professionals.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order we together could bring your ideas to life!


Fulldome Film Society was founded in 2010 in Moscow by the professionals in projection engineering, computer technologies, specialized content, and motion picture art. The company is a corporate member of the International Planetarium Society (IPS).

e-mail: contact@fulldomefilm.org

phone: +7 (831) 429 01 44

Post address: 603106, Nizhniy Novgorod, P.O.B. 103, Fulldome Film Society LLC


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