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March 26, 2014


On 6-9 March 2014 Fulldome Film Society together with Fulldome.pro company participated in the 5th annual international IMERSA summit, the fulldome cinema conference in Denver, CO, USA.

During the summit we held meetings with many our partners from USA, Canada, Europe and South America to promote cooperation and increase the markets’ potential. We demonstrated the Fulldome.pro systems and its advantages as of an effective and simple solution for digital domes of any size, complying with highest image quality demands.

FFS executive director, Yaroslav Gubchenko, presented the opportunities and working principles of the Content Protection System (CPS) which is dedicated to solve the problem of content distribution on developing markets .The methods suggested in Fulldome.pro solutions were approved and  largely supported by the summit participants.

CPS system is used for delivery and regulation of digital rights in all Fulldome.pro systems, as well as in the one-channel  system, CPS-one.

Participation in IMERSA 2014 summit confirmed the Fulldome Film Society status as of an international partner to all our colleagues abroad.