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February 16, 2014
International Distribution

Fulldome Film Society today known as top fulldome content distributor in Russia and CIS countries. We are happy to provide best and professional services in fulldome show translation, localization, processing and delivery to all our beloved customers in the region.

Since starting our fulldome content distribution branch in 2010 we summoned a lot of good titles from best fulldome shows producers in the world! We found many good and respectful partners from different countries.

In 2012 together with our colleagues form Front Pictures and Fulldome.pro companies, we started a CPS (Contect Protection System) digital rights management and digital distribution system. Today it allows us to deliver a professional quality show performance copies to distant theaters safely less then in a day. And, that’s more important, it’s guarantees the safety of intellectual property.

And now, to support efforts of our partners and colleagues who developing new markets with Fulldome Digital Theaters, Fulldome Film Society goes global in our content distribution service.

We welcome everyone to our international catalogue, which we’ll keep updated every month with best fulldome shows produced to date!

For any information, please email us via contact@fulldomefilm.org

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