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July 1, 2014
IPS 2014

Fulldome Film Society and Fulldome.pro participated in IPS 2014, International Planetarium Society conference hold 23-27 June in Beijin, and in the International Fulldome Film Festival in Macao.

IPS 2014 is the biggest professional event in the industry of planetariums and spherical theaters, which is organised by the International Planetarium Society every 2 years.

It was the first time that FFS and Fulldome.pro took part in the conference as international companies specialising in development and integration of equipment and solutions for digital domes and distribution of fulldome content.

We showed the most bright products for the industry – Fulldome.pro mediaserver which is capable to run tens of projectors in real time, automatic express calibration system which took only 5 minutes to start the dome of Beijin planetarium 18 meters of diameter, the studio dome Fuldome.pro Studio System, which gives each professional studio opportunity to work with over 3K resolution content.


The CPS digital distribution and content protection system used in all Fulldome.pro solutions aroused special interest of every producer. CPS allows delivering high-resolution content quickly and easily to any place on the globe as well as providing compliance with Licensing terms and protection of the author’s rights. Thanks to the CPS methods for the first time in the history of the industry the Pay-per-play tariff was made possible. 

At Macao we showed our new films - “Constellations”, “Gopal. Prince of the cows planet”, and the spectacular 4D ride “Flight of Fancy”, the first fulldome stereoscopic 3D film created in Russia. And that’s not all, “Flight of Fancy” ride also supports dynamic platforms and other special effects, which makes it a fabulous amusement ride.

We held meetings and negotiations to promote cooperation between Fulldome Film Society and Fulldome.pro and IPS and its members. 

The exhibition demonstrated great potential for our solutions and proved our market development strategy.