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How to purchase a show

At this page we tired to describe the procedure of purchasing and commercial licensing as well as the delivery of a show to a client. Normally the whole process takes a few days, orders for big planetariums in high resolution may take about a week to complete. We appreciate your understanding and realistic scheduling of performances in your planetarium.

The most up to date list of the shows available for purchasing can be found in the catalogue on our website.

Please adress any questiongs about  purchasing and licensing to our mailbox:, don't forget to tell us your name or your company's name, city or a region where you are working in, and the following parameters of your planetarium:

  • Diameter of the dome;
  • Number of seats;
  • Type of projection (fisheye/ spherical mirror/ multichannel projection system/;
  • Number of the domes you are planning to use for the show performance.

We will help you to make a choise in compliance with your audience, budget, and preferred topic of the programms. Each show is available for full preview in English, and you can also receive an existing trailer of the show adapted for your projection system to evaluate the quality of the show in you dome.

The price depends on the parameters listed above, the catalogue description indicates only the starting price. After you have chosen the show we procede to drawing up all the necessary documents. We will provide you a License agreement for commercial performance of each show you have purchased, granting you the right to perform the show during a certain period of time. Documents for governmental organisations need to be specified. It is our intention to be as flexible as possible regarding the specific character of the budget purchasing finanse.

Thу ordering procedure:

  1. We prepare the License agreement for performance of the show and the necessary billing documents. 
  2. You print out the License agreement and other documents in 2 copies on both sides of the page, sign the documents, send us scanned copies via e-mail and the original documents to our post office box which is given down on this page. After receiving your mail we sign the documents and send you back your copies. Meanwhile you effect the payment. 
  3. After we received the scans of the License agreement and the payment we provide you the access to our ftp-servers to download all the nessesary files (files of the show and marketing materials, including posters, flyers and other available collateral). As a rule this process takes 2-3 days.

We can also deliver the show on a flash drive by mail. In this case the delivery payment and the cost of the flash drive is to be covered by the client.

The size of the files for big planetariums requires deliverig them on a hard disk. In such a case the disk is delivered via express delivery service personally to the client. 

Before you receive the verified originals of the documents we can send you the e-copies in order you could start working right after having payed and received the show.

When the Licensing term is over you may either prolongate the Agreement (we sign another License agreement) or finish the performance, signing the closing certificate, and deleting all the show files.

For planetariums working with the CPS content protection system we use a special prodcedure of drawing up the documents, which includes an electronic license.

To execute the documents we will need your company details:

  • Company name /  Personal name;
  • Address (post code, country, city, street, building, appartment);
  • Telephone number;
  • Tax reference number, Industrial Enterprise Classification Code, Primary State Registration Number/ pasport data for  private customers;
  • Bank account data/ not necessary for private customers;

We are open to any questons via e-mail: or telephone +7 (831) 429 01 44.
We'd like to bring your attention to the fact that scheduling the performance before receiving the show and cheking the normal operation of your projection system is not recommendable. For our part we will make our best to make sure the premiere in your planetarium will start as soon as possible.